Bell Helicopter

Mirabel, Quebec

Bell Helicopter is the world’s leading producer of rotary-wing aircrafts. The 660,000 sq. ft. plant, located just north of Montreal in Mirabel, QC, is responsible for the design, manufacturing, flight testing and after-market support of the commercial helicopter line.

When the plant’s aging mechanical equipment was due for replacement, a local contractor with an established relationship with Bell Helicopter, BTL Construction, recommended SolutionAir as a viable alternative to their usual supplier.

Project Summary


  • Two Direct Fired rooftop units: AW-D-1-20 and AW-D-1-25

  • Two Convoluted Tube Indirect Fired rooftop units: PMI-IF-12-800 and PMI-IF-13-1200

  • Two AW-1-3-100 Drum and Tube Indirect Fired rooftop units


Location: Mirabel, Quebec
Project Type: Production Plant
Year Completed: 2015
Square Footage: 660,000 sq. ft.


SolutionAir Representative: E.H. Price Montreal

Your dedication directly contributed to this project being a real success.”

– Nancy Cormier
Project & Reliability, Facilities Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter had not been aware that SolutionAir was in the mechanical market, and requested project information for a successful SolutionAir jobsite so as to arrange a visit with the owner. As luck would have it, SolutionAir had a recent installation at a nearby laboratory. The owner was pleased to report how happy they were with the entire project, from product design and installation to service and support. From that moment on, Bell Helicopter converted to SolutionAir.

As a technical company, Bell Helicopter was impressed with SolutionAir’s flexibility with electrical components, and technical application engineering support. Delivery was critical, and SolutionAir was able to ship in record time as compared to the competition. Bell Helicopter was delighted with the result of Phase 1:

  • The gas-fired units were optimized for weight in order to accommodate the existing structure.
  • The design team was able to incorporate internal components that better suited Bell Helicopter’s maintenance staff and electricians.
  • SolutionAir teamed with the on-site gas technician for unit start-up.
  • SolutionAir’s local sales and support staff demonstrated their ability to provide on-site, installation and post-install support.

SolutionAir’s commitment to customer service and rigorously tested products won over Bell Helicopter as a supplier of preference, and they have since entrusted SolutionAir with four separate phases of upgrades to their mechanical equipment.

Bell Helicopter Mirabel, Quebec